Open Submissions

We want to open up participation in the Spoken Word Project to everyone. We will post occasional guest videos and yours could be one of them! If you wish to participate, here are some guidelines…

  1. Select a short poem (1-3 minutes long when recited) that exemplifies a message of transcendence, hope, or reconciliation. Poems for this project should be free of profanity and accessible to a broad multi-generational audience in order to be considered.
  2. Record yourself reciting the poem. (This is the fun part!) The video can be of any quality. If you have some videography skills feel free to add some production flare to your video, but if not then just record a simple video.
  3. The poem does not need to be memorized. If reading the poem, rehearse it several times first to help with a smooth delivery. If reading from a piece of paper or book, be sure to look up and make “eye contact” with your audience more so than not. If recording on your phone or tablet, using a teleprompter app can help with a smooth and engaging delivery.
  4. Upload your video to Google Drive, Dropbox, or some other file sharing service and send us a shared link that will enable us to download your video.

That’s it! If we select your video for the project then we will add our branding to it and will share it here and throughout our social media channels. Be sure to like our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram or Twitter so we can tag you to the video post.

My submission adheres to the guidelines.