Beauty cannot be quarantined.

Spoken Word Project

The Spoken Word Project is our effort from Open Window Theatre to bring beauty and goodness to the virtual sphere during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ll be sharing weekly poetry recitations performed and recorded by Open Window Theatre actors and staff. Please spread the beauty by sharing the videos, let us know if there are poems you would like to see included, and please consider a donation to support Open Window Theatre (or your local arts organization) during this challenging time. Thank you!

Open Window Theatre

Open Window Theatre was founded in May 2011 for the purpose of bringing multigenerational professional theater with a redemptive vision to the Twin Cities.

We view art as inherently transcendent--a window to the Divine and to the innermost reality of the human person and the world. Art, and particularly live theater, has a unique ability to not only bring joy through entertainment but also to educate and inspire by provoking profound self-reflection about the deepest and most important aspects of our humanity. Alternatively, "With the same power with which theater can ennoble the spectators, it may corrupt them, degrade them, spoil their taste, lower their passions, offend beauty" (Konstantin Stanislavski).

At Open Window Theatre we focus on a redemptive vision in the arts because we believe there's a crisis of hope and true beauty in today's world. Beauty is the purest glimpse we have of the Divine who is Beauty itself, leading Fyodor Dostoevsky to proclaim “beauty will save the world.”

If you believe in the importance of our mission, please make a donation to help support us during the coronavirus crisis.

Thank you!